Vietnam’s marine aquaculture needs to go modern: conference

Virtually all of Vietnam's marine aquaculture is done by household businesses using outdated technologies, Assoc Prof Nguyen Huu Dung, chairman of the Vietnam Seaculture Association, has said.

Speaking at a conference in Binh Dinh province on February 14 he said Vietnam's marine aquaculture is behind the times, with only around 10 companies applying industrial methods.

Tran Cong Khoi, deputy head of the Directorate of Fisheries’ aquaculture department, said Vietnam is plagued by improper planning, underdeveloped infrastructure, diseases, and natural disasters.


Marine aquaculture farmers need to adopt modern technologies and methods, according to a conference on developing the sector held in Binh Dinh province.

Only a few enterprises invest in industrial marine aquaculture models since they require a lot of resources, he said.

Dr Vo Si Tuan from the Vietnam Science and Technology Advisory Council said traditionally marine aquaculture has been done on a small scale, does not conform to government plans and poses high pollution risks.

The solution is to change the technologies and farming methods, he said.

Tran Van Phuc, director of the Binh Dinh Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that the province only has 60 hectares of marine aquaculture farms using industrial methods.

It is gradually industrialising marine aquaculture by adopting technologies and farming methods that are more effective and environmentally friendly, expanding the farming area and facilitating investments in hi-tech farming, he said.

Dũng suggested that Vietnam’s marine aquaculture methods should be modernised, and that the sector should be integrated with tourism and other industries.

The Directorate of Fisheries is focusing on drafting policies to attract investment and helping small farming households join co-operative groups.

The conference was held by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Binh Dinh province and Tuoi Tre newspaper to focus on challenges facing marine aquaculture in the country.

Le Xuan Trung, deputy editor in chief of Tuoi Tre newspaper, said Vietnam’s fisheries exports of 11 billion USD last year made it one of the three countries in the world.

“That shrimp and shark catfish, two of the largest export items in 2022, are mostly from farming shows the country’s improvement in aquaculture.”/.

Source: VNA

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