Vietnam Coast Guard pledges to support fishermen in Binh Dinh

The Vietnam Coast Guard and Binh Dinh province on Wednesday approved a mass mobilization program called "The Coast Guard accompanies fishermen" under which both sides will disseminate information and mobilize people to implement Party guidelines and State policies and laws.

Attention will be given to disseminating laws related to sea and islands, the Law on Fisheries, the Law on Environmental Protection, the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, teaching pupils and students to love their country’s sea and islands, protecting marine resources and the marine environment, helping fishermen in socio-economic and cultural development, and poverty reduction toward satisfying the new-style rural building criteria.


Binh Dinh and Vietnam Coast Guard sign an agreement for cooperation.

Rear Admiral Bui Quoc Oai, political commissar of the Vietnam Coast Guard, said, “We’ll focus on communications work and getting fishermen to abide by the law, carry out social security activities for policy beneficiary families, support fishermen in difficult circumstances, and help poor students”.

He added, “The program has contributed to raising a sense of responsibility among officials and fishermen for Vietnam’s sea and islands and following the law when doing business at sea”.

(Source: VOV)

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